Top 10 Best Hidden Object Games for Android

Puzzle games with hidden objects are a subgenre of hidden object games. They’re also quite well-liked. In most of the best hidden object games for Android, you search an environment for items that will assist you in progressing through the game. Because you don’t know why you’re completing all of these puzzles, most games in the category are similarly mysterious. The games are simpler to design than most, and they’ve had a lot of popularity as web games. Even so, there are several excellent mobile solutions. Here are the best and the most popular hidden object games.

G5 Entertainment Games

G5 Entertainment, one of the free hidden object games for Android, is another Google Play developer with a number of well-regarded hidden object games. This company enjoys combining hidden object games with various genres. Several of the studio’s games, for example, combine match-3 and hidden object components. Sherlock: Mystery, Homicide Squad: New York Cases, Crime Mystery, and a few other G5 games are worth checking out. The only major criticism is how tedious the games become after a while.

June’s Journey

June’s Journey, one of the best hidden object games for Android, is the action-packed adventure you’ve been looking forward to. In this thrilling hidden object game from the Roaring Twenties, unwind with a story of romance, intrigue, and mystery! Dive into June Parker’s enthralling search for the truth about a terrible family secret.

Artifex Mundi Games

Artifex Mundi, one of the free hidden object games for Android, is a Google Play developer who has a number of good hidden object games. The Enigmatis series, the Unsolved series, The Dreamatorium series, the Grim Legends series, the Lost Grimoire series, and others are all excellent choices. The majority of this studio’s games have a similar gameplay. Each series has a unique feature that distinguishes it from the others, although they are otherwise very standard hidden object games.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks, among the top hidden object games for Android, resembles an indie version of Where’s Waldo. Although these are technically concealed individuals rather than hidden items, the rules remain the same. You may see a landscape from the perspective of a drone. Then you locate the individual the game instructs you to locate. There are 32 regions to explore, over 300 targets to find, 500 unique interactions, and three colour settings to choose from in this game (black and white, sepia, and night mode). The game is black and white, but everything is hand-drawn, giving it a lovely appearance.

The Secret Society

The Secret Society, one of the best hidden object games for Android, is a secret society of individuals that have the capacity to travel between mystical worlds, discover hidden treasures, and solve puzzles. Your beloved uncle has mysteriously vanished. After a period of despair, you understand that you, too, are endowed with these extraordinary abilities, and that you are the only one who can locate him!

Haiku Games Titles

Haiku Games is a Google Play developer. The Adventure Escape series is the studio’s most well-known project. The game is a mystery-adventure game with aspects of mystery, adventure, escape rooms, and hidden objects. Solving riddles and puzzles, finding things, and organizing their escape are all ways for players to advance through the game. The series consists of 14 games, all of which are excellent. Only problem is that some games rely on hidden object techniques more than others.

Mad Head Games Titles

Mad Head Games is another Google Play developer with a number of good hidden object games. You should read the Adam Wolfe series as well as the Wanderlust series. There are several other games in the franchise developed by the same studio. The bones of the games are all the same. Each one features a few dozen levels, excellent hidden object mechanics, a story, and a few extra elements to keep things interesting. The games are short, but micro-transactions allow you to purchase them outright. These games are the best free hidden object games for Android.

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Pearl’s Peril

The Hidden Object Game Pearl’s Peril, one of the free hidden object games for Android, is a classic hidden object game. The game is set in the 1930s, and Pearl is the protagonist. To uncover the hidden objects, the user must guide Pearl through hundreds of scenes. This is an excellent example of a standard hidden object game. The goal is to locate all of the items in the scenario. There is also an underlying tale to follow, which is quite good. You’ll also have your own private estate to customize with goods you collect during the game.

Midva Games Titles

Midva is a well-known name in the world of hidden object games. Its Hidden Objects series includes well over a dozen games, all of which appear to be popular. Hundreds (often over 1,000) objects to find, superb visuals, a kids option, and a tip system are all included in each game. There isn’t much more to do in these hidden object games. Playbook, an adventure-mystery game with various endings and hidden object elements, is one of the studio’s one-offs. There’s no way you can go wrong with any of them.

The Room Series

The Room is one of the best puzzle games ever made for mobile devices. They all successfully combine the escape room and hidden object genres, resulting in some amazing results. Players begin in a chamber and must solve smart tiny puzzles in order to escape. You’re also looking for objects to utilize in other puzzles. Each game features amazing graphics (for the period), as well as ingenious puzzles and other features. Cloud saving and achievements are also available in later games. These days, you can get the entire series for around $10, and it’s money well spent.

Mysetery of Coastal Hill City

Coastal Hill City Mystery, one of the best hidden object games for Android, is a good solo hidden object game. It also includes aspects of adventure, puzzle, and fashion. Players progress through the levels, solving riddles and progressing through the tale. You’ll also get an avatar and a house to decorate and refurbish. The story takes place in the town of Coastal Hill, where everything appear to be normal on the surface but hide secrets that you must discover.

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