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Top 10 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

In the digital realm, eBook reader apps have supplanted typical printed books. Now you can simply read your favourite book on your smartphone or tablet by downloading apps on your Android device. Many eBook apps offer hundreds of books for free. These apps allow you to easily search for and read a book of your choice. You needn’t go to actual stores anymore to buy books. Here are the best eBook reader apps for Android.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

One of the prominent eBook reader apps is Amazon Kindle. It boasts one of the biggest and most consistent Internet eBook retailers. The app also provides a host of reading, cross-device synchronisation and a wide range of free books. The user interface is full of advertising. But there is no such crap in the real book read segment. A number of personalization choices are available during reading. It’s a solid rock option for book access alone. If necessary, you can also download offline books.



AIReader, one of the best eBook reader apps for Android, is a relatively new eBook reader app. It also supports many previous Android versions. These days, that’s a little rarer. The software also supports most commonly used eBook formats such as EPUB (without DRM), RTF, MOBI, PRC, etc. The interface provides personalization choices, automated scrolling, animations to turn pages, and many view modes for your convenience. You can use the app free of charge. If you like, you can buy one of the different donation versions. The range is between $0.99 and $9.72.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader b

Aldiko Book Reader is an excellent replacement to some of the most well-known eBook reader applications. It is the ideal PDF and ePub reader for books. Aldiko Book Reader does not save a book automatically and so does not store a book. However, you need to import a book that puts the book on its virtual shelf if you want the programme to preserve your readings. Aldiko offers numerous choices to modify font size to match reader needs, font facial and backdrop settings.

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Cool Reader

Cool Reader best eBook reader apps for Android

Cool Reader provides a totally individualised palette, text formatting for any font size and exceptionally smooth scrolling, making reading fun. Cool Reader is the only free text-to-speech e-reader app. It also has a day/night couch which allows for a comfortable reading of two colours, backdrop, and lighting settings. Cool Reader displays data on the top of the screen for the page count, reading percentage and chapter notes.


FBReader best eBook reader apps for Android

Another older eReader app is FBReader. Like Aldiko, for most basic applications it’s an excellent choice. This includes AZW3, EPUB (until EPUB3), fb2, RTF, HTML, or even simple text materials. The Google Drive cloud service is proprietary to synchronise books across your devices. We liked the UI, too. It’s a little ancient, but the eyes are effective and uncomplicated. It provides support for gestures. For the time being, the app can be used completely free.

Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader best eBook reader apps for Android

One of the most famous PDF reader apps is Foxit. This is a good blend of readability and productivity. Basically, the app supports all kinds of PDF files. In addition, it supports annotation, form filling and ConnectedPDF privacy features. For reading, PDFs are readable in loud, and audio and video stuff are supported. The best platform support for any eReader or PDF app certainly existed. On Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android you may discover Foxit. It’s the five big ones!

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FullReader best eBook reader apps for Android

FullReader, one of the best eBook reader apps for Android, is a popular and contemporary ebook-reader programme (previously FReader). It supports an array of ebook file types as well as less popular types of audio books, like CBR and CBZ (computer books) and MP3. The interface is traditional material design and almost everyone can use the app layout. Additional power user features include Google Drive and Dropbox cloud backup support, AMOLED Dark Mode and 95-language translator. As far as we can determine, the app is completely free.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books best eBook reader apps for Android

Other online libraries like as Amazon, Nook and Google Play Books are Kobo Books. The app, the best eBook reader app for Android free, is quite simple. It appears that it is all read from the service that purchased books. However, both audio and regular eBooks are supported by the programme. Additional features include cross-device sync, offline download and late-night Night Mode. The characteristics of the discovery are also quite decent. You can download the app free of charge.

Media365 Book Reader

Media365 Book Reader

Media365 Book Reader is one of eBook’s most popular apps. The app is quite straightforward at the top yet great below. It is obviously quite concerned about its name. Over three dozen file kinds, including eBook formats, comic book formats and even strange things like WEBP, PPTX, PSD and others, are easily supported. The interface is the design of the material. It’s vibrant, inviting and uncomplicated. This one isn’t really much incorrect. The maximum you are requesting is $4.99 to buy advertising in the app.

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader

With the granular controls over display settings, Moon+ Reader provides unique reading fun. The app contains a status bar which shows your progress in reading. It also provides, separate from the entire book, information on your progress in reading this Chapter. A premium edition of the app gives extra statistics including book numbers in your shelf, turned-in pages and read times. Apps are accessible free of charge.

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