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Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android

In the course of the years, smartphone cameras have increased significantly. The necessity to have a point-and-shoot camera has been eliminated by modern smartphones and comes pretty close to what colours and details can capture with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. While many scenarios are equipped with several phones with the best camera hardware, a different thing is the software that processes the photographs captured. Each OEM has a camera application-unique image processing pipeline that can either make a deal or can break it. Let’s have a look at the best camera apps for Android.

Google Camera and GCam Ports

Google Camera and GCam Ports

Google Camera, one of the top 10 camera apps for Android, is the official app for Google’s camera. This is the one that most Google devices access. It offers a minimal but efficient range of functions. They feature a blur lens mode, slow motion (on the devices supported), photographic areas, video stabilisation, and more. Compatibility is the only drawback. This can only be used on Android 7.1.1 and launched devices (at the time of this writing). Still later, this will probably be used by only devices running the latest Android. It’s free else and pretty nice.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom best camera apps for Android

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is a picture editor rather than a camera application. But it also features a built-in camera app. The camera is really decent with large keyword characteristics such as HDR, RAW support, and many settings and presets. Furthermore, if you like, Adobe Lightroom – best camera app for selfie – features the normal array of manual camera adjustments. The good news is that Adobe Lightroom is one of the greatest mobile picture editor apps right now, allowing you to use the camera app and edit it instantly.

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Open Camera

Open Camera

Open Camera, one of the best camera apps for Android, is a straightforward free app that can be used with your smartphone to snap pictures and record video. For additional checking of the images you click and for manual adjustments, Open Camera is a good software to start. Some nice features are available, including an alignment blip, ensuring that your shots are straight, low-light reduction, and the option to capture pictures by speaking phrases like cheese or by creating a particular sound.

Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 Lite best camera apps for Android

Camera FV-5 is a sophisticated tool that allows you to capture photos how you desire. Our choice of the light edition of the app is free, so it’s a pleasant method to test the application. The app is free. You may find the full version to unlock the whole set of features if you like how it works. FV-5 Camera, one of the top 10 camera apps for Android, has a complete array of manual controls you can get to know when using a professional camera. You get complete control of the photographs you click on from exposure to focus distance and shutter speed.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera best camera apps for Android

This app is back in the day when most smartphones used to have standard camera apps like barebones and you required an app that could record beautiful selfies with colourful filters. Candy Camera is particularly for people who want to upload their images on Instagram or other social media applications and especially for selfies. While the majority of social media applications already include a number of filters in their own right, Candy Camera also provides a solid variety.

Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera best camera apps for Android

We’re going to be frank. When we first saw the title, we thought Bacon Camera was a comedy app. But it’s a decent app for the camera. It offers manual adjustments including concentration, white balance, compensation for exposure, ISO etc. Support for RAW and DNG and the usual JPEG are also available. It provides manual monitoring support on devices not supportive of the API Camera2 from Google. We have no test devices, so we’re going to take your word on this for now.

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Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is one of the latest Android camera apps. It’s also the most costly camera application on this list. It also has several distinctive traits. This contains certain manual controls that are quite particular. It contains, for example, a dual exposure and focal length slider, a white balance matrix and a gamma curve control. It also has some more metrics, a live RGB control and much more. This was a rough beginning. Nevertheless, developers appear to take comments from users and update the programme to fix errors actively.

HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam 2 is an Open Camera App open source fork. It combines the winning convenience and features with a few more features. The code link in the description for Google Play is, by the way, also open source. This contains a variety of manual adjustments (such as turning off the shuttle sound), HDR and DRO (dynamic range optimization), photo modes, other personalization components and also facial detection support.



Pixtica is one of the newest apps in the list of camera applications. It has a number of clean tricks and decent post-treatment. Among these capabilities are live filters, manual settings, exposure control, GIF recorders, slow motion mode, RAW support for files, and QR scanners, among others. The gallery and photo editor are even quite rudimentary. We appreciate its huge array and all-in-one approach.

Camera MX

Camera MX best camera apps for Android

One of the most popular and oldest camera apps is Camera MX. Camera MX, one of the best camera apps for Android, is continuously updated by developers and kept up-to-date. For simple things it works well. The app provides a wide range of shooting methods. You may also take images or videos with it. You can even create your own GIFs in a GIF mode. The integrated photo editor can also accomplish the basics. This is an all-in-one decent solution. Serious photographers might wish to see somewhere else.

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