Top 5 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

Although there are a couple of Android phones, they are rare, with no added features, but allow you to record your calls. For example, you can’t record calls automatically on most Android phones. This may be an issue, since we often forget to switch to the recorder before a call has been received. Call recorder applications have a number of valid applications. For legal and security concerns, some people wish to keep phone calls recorded. Practice, nevertheless, limits illicit activities in many areas. Before using any of these apps, we recommend looking at the regulations of your country. Let’s have a look at the best call recorder apps for Android.

Call Recorder-Cube ACR

Call Recorder-Cube ACR

Call Recorder Cube ACR is one of today’s most technologically advanced call recorders. We can now accept its slogan, after taking the drive for a test drive. The tool offers a highly complete interface, allowing users to record phone and VoIP chats effortlessly. The tool, one of the top call recorder apps for Android, provides customers with both a manual and an automatic call recording option. The good thing about this app is that every time you have interaction with them, you can generate a list of all contacts you want to record instantly.

Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

Automatic Call Recorder by RSA, one of the best call recorder apps for Android, is far less popular than the other Automatic Call Recorder app in this list. It comes with several nice functions, such as automatic call recording, certain organisation features, recording capability in many audio codecs, etc. It also enables cloud-based backup and a few additional capabilities. It’s basically the same name as the other one, so you can take either.

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Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato

Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato

Appliqato’s Automatic Call Recorder is one of the most popular Android call recorder apps. It has been heavily hit by the modification of call log in Google’s policy, but the call recorder is still a functional one. The App provides connectivity with Google Drive and Dropbox, along with several other attractive small features. The professional edition is costly but also offers a few more features. The call log thing works fine as well.

Blackbox Call Recorder


When you install a Blackbox call recording device on your phone, the first thing you will notice is how elegant it is to look. It is likely one of the most popular recording apps on this list, because to its modern UI. It’s also a good call recorder, fortunately. It seamlessly records incoming and outgoing calls and adds contacts for automatic logging, enables you to link your recorded files online with the Google drive and helps you sort your records organised. The gadget can also prevent anyone from using the app and collecting the recordings.

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Boldbeast Call Recorder


The greatest achievement of Boldbeast Call Recorder is its compliance with nearly all Android handsets apart from being a fantastic call recorder. It enables android phone users to manually and automatically record their calls. You can exclude whitelist or black list calls, or add contacts, manage recorded clips, record voice notifications relating to a talk, meeting or podcast, and save files into several quality audio files. You can also record voice notifications.

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