Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games for Android

Many people were inclined to the Battle Royale genre when Player Unknown or PUBG Mobile first took over. Soon afterwards came and went several Battle Royale games with few of them stuck. Call of Duty Mobile, one of these names. We’ve produced a list of the finest Battle Royal games for android, however there are plenty of Battle Royale games to play to make it simpler for you. Keep on with some of the best Battle Royale games for Android until the finish of this list.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the top Battle Royale games for Android is Call of Duty: Mobile. Ordinarily, we wait a little for a game to play, but this game is so intense and so incredibly popular that we had to include it right away. The game consists of typical FPS PvP online, like a duty call. However, a royal mode similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite contains also a 100-player fight. That makes it in an unusual class of good normal FPS games such as Critical Ops and a good royal war such as PUBG Mobile. The game has buys in-app, but they appear just for cosmetic equipment and a large amount of stuff is available in-game. The game is good, and this seems to be something that people truly adore.


Fortnite is one of the best Battle Royale games for Android. Before, you certainly heard of it. You fall from the skies and come and find different goods, kill all your adversaries and become the last to win the round. It has a huge track record. The mechanics of the game are a bit tight on the cell phone, but that is because so many controls exist. Over time, we anticipate it to improve. You can also synchronise your account with other game versions to maintain things such as skins and other open material. The game, one of the top shooting games for Android, started as a third party Epic Games download where it’s still available today.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction, one of the best Battle Royale games for Android, resembles Fortnite immensely. Actually, we regard it as a clone. However, this is a decent clone. The game consists of a big map with different sceneries and matches of 100 people. It is possible to craft and destroy things. You may also play in viewpoints of the third or first person. It was pretty enjoyable, we thought. The game is running on medium and low grade phones badly. It’s had a bug from time to time, too. The experience in our tests was still still fairly nice.

Top 10 Best Android Multiplayer Games

Battlelands Royale

Battleland Royale might be called the Battle Royale most undervalued Android game on the list. It is essentially a royal fight of the third person and about 32 people can participate in a single royal match. Character improvements are also provided for the games, and gameplay is rather fast. Battleland Royale is made up by characters entirely different from other royal fighting games. The game lasts about 3-5 minutes on average for a royal match.

Garena Free Fire

Garena, one of the best Battle Royale games Android, is a popular third-party online shooter. It is a royal style game in the battle of 49 more people on an island and it is duked for 10 minutes. All the regal characteristics that people appreciate are in war. You find weapons, walk the safe zone, plunder your enemies and strive to be the last person to stand. Four player squads with voice in the game also feature in the game. With this one, we like social components a lot.

PUBG Mobile

The rating boards for multiplayer games on the mobile didn’t take PUBG Mobile long. The game, one of the best shooting games for Android, popular, enjoyable, and on most modern devices it works really well. With 99 other people, you go down on an island. The final standing individual wins. On the island there are all kinds of weapons and equipment. The boundaries slowly limit the size of the playing area. So, if you get out of the boonies, the game itself will kill you.

Guns Royale

In terms of purity of mechanics it is rather a conventional Royal Battle Title. You fall in a gigantic free for all the shoots in a diminishing game area with a group of gamers. However, the game changes from the perspective of the first person to an isometric view of three-quarters. This lets you see your opponents everywhere, even behind corners so that it is much different in terms of its dynamics. In addition, this incorporates AR aspects, together with several other gaming features, for an ever more unique experience. It’s a free game, just like all the other royal battles, except it is not hostile.

Top 10 Best Shooting Games for Android

Knives Out

Knives Out is one of the top Battle Royale games for Android with almost 10 million downloads for Android. The game is like every other royal fight, however the clashes with other players are rather violent graphically. One hundred participants can enter the royal fashion combat and five players can engage in a group. Knives Out also include of state-of-the-art weapons, new seasons and maps for each update.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

The game’s pixel-style graphics are a different kind of tangent in the list. The Unknown Battle Grounds of Pixel is a fast-paced royal fighting game. The participants are put into the game, find weapons, and then, as any other royal match, eliminate each other. The game also has in-game chat features and low-end device graphical settings. A total of 25 players can engage in the battle royal version of the game.

Rules of Survival

Another PUBG clone is the Survival Rules – one of the best Battle Royale games Android. It came out before the date of release after the PUBG Mobile was announced. You go into an aircraft, find things and kill people in accordance with the standard. This contains a few more guns, vehicles and 120 players matches. It is a bit less calm than most royal battle games, but it adds a chaos factor for better and bad. Like most other games, it suffers stability and lag problems. Some matchups have been funnier than others.

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