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Top 10 Best Apps for College Students 2022

Many of us go through college with the mentality of “let’s just wing it,” but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead a little. These are the most impressionable years of your life, and you’ll be much better off if you can learn a thing or two about being organized or handling money. Happily, we have a number of best apps for college students at our disposal that can assist us in this endeavor.

Top 10 Best Apps for College Students 2022

Since it is understood how difficult money may be for students, the majority of the apps you’ll find here are either fully free, have a decent free tier, or have great discounts. Let me skip ahead to the top apps for college students that is recommended every college student have on their phone.


Notion app best apps for college students

Although there is a tiny learning curve, Notion is well worth the effort if you want to organise your notes and thoughts in a logical manner. It’s quite versatile in terms of content storage, allowing you to store all of your data in interconnected blocks of text and media; it is, in fact, one of the best note taking apps for college students. Third-party designs for kanban boards, daily planners, portfolios, and job search trackers, among other things, make Notion even more appealing to students. What’s the best part? For personal use, it’s one of the best free apps for college students.

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Unidays app best apps for college students

You may not realise it, but your college email account is a gold mine of savings, and Unidays is the best way to take use of it. Simply join up with email address to gain access to student discounts on all of your favourite brands and websites. The software divides the savings into categories such as technology, fashion, and travel, making it easier to figure out where to look.


Headspace app best apps for college students

It may seem like something you don’t need, but concentrating and attending to your thoughts in a calm, tranquil place is never a terrible idea. If you’re unsure how to go about doing so, Headspace is the app for you. It includes guided meditation, which can help you form a habit. It even offers a lovely collection of relaxing music and environmental noises that I enjoy listening to while writing—it also helps me fall asleep! If that isn’t enough, there are motivational stories and mood-boosting music to complement your workout sessions. It’s one of the best free apps for students.

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Mint: Track Expenses & Save

Mint Track Expenses & Save app best apps for college students

Because we don’t mint money, it’s a good idea to keep track of how much you’re spending over time, and believe me when I say that in a place where you’ll never run out of reasons to party, you’ll need to do even more. Mint is a fantastic budgeting app that provides me with clear visuals and easy-to-understand analytics to help me understand my monthly outflows. You can even keep track of all the subscriptions you’re paying for as well as the cryptocurrencies you own. For you, it would prove among the best apps for college students.


Splitwise best apps for college students

You’ll find yourself paying for your buddies on several occasions, and vice versa. Rather than accounting for and paying each transaction separately, form a Splitwise group with them and keep track of all your spending in one location. Splitwise conducts all the calculations for you and promptly shows you your financial situation, including who you owe money to and who you owe money to.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia apps

It’s only reasonable to want to play the most spectacular and realistic games available, and there are few methods to do it for a low price, unless you use cloud gaming services. For example, Stadia is a free cloud gaming subscription service that allows you to buy games and play them on almost any screen you own, including your phone, laptop, projector, or tablet. You can pay a $10 monthly subscription in exchange for a huge amount of free games and 4K playtime, but that’s entirely up to you – Stadia, one of the best apps for college students, regularly gives discounts even if you don’t subscribe.

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Udemy app

Udemy is one of the most popular e-learning platforms, and college is a fantastic time to pick both soft and technical skills that you know will be needed for a successful career. It’s everything here for you to consume, whether it’s personal development courses or coding languages like Python, R, or SQL. It’s advisable not to think of this as an extra load on top of a busy school schedule because you can take non-academic courses as well.

Google Lens

Google Lens app

If you don’t use Google Lens, one of the best apps for college students, during your college years, you’re missing out because this useful feature is not to be overlooked. Its superior OCR capabilities allow you to copy text from any photo on your phone, allowing you to finally catch up with that one professor who writes or presentations at light speed. It can also be used for translation (if you’re taking foreign language classes), some math problems, and general searches for items you might see but not identify in your daily life.

Google Docs

Google Docs app

This last point may seem self-evident, but I’ve seen many students make the error of writing assignments and notes in their local notes app. Google Docs is among the best note taking apps for college students because it works well on all devices, instantly syncs documents between clients, and is absolutely free. What’s more, it has most of the capabilities that Microsoft Word does for free, and it’s ideal for group projects because to its excellent collaboration facilities. Similarly, Google Slides may be used to create presentations.


Forest app

My phone doesn’t take much to divert me, and it’s solely to blame for me finishing my tasks at the last minute. Forest, thankfully, has aided me in limiting my consumption. It rewards you for not using your phone by allowing you to create a virtual forest that gives you a sense of accomplishment. What’s even more amazing is that if you opt to leave your phone alone for extended periods of time and build a healthy pattern, you can eventually save enough coins to redeem them for the planting of a real tree.

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