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Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Android Auto is one of the best things that has ever happened to a car’s center console. It provides quick access to messages, phone calls, and other information such as the weather. You can also listen to a variety of audio content, navigate virtually anywhere, and ask Google a variety of questions. It is available for any Android device and is very simple to use. Simply plug the phone into your car’s USB port and you’re ready to go. There are a variety of Android auto apps available to customize the experience, and you can do almost anything with it except watch videos. With the best Android Auto apps, we can help you customize your experience!

MediaMonkey or Poweramp

Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

MediaMonkey is one of the most popular Android apps that is only available locally. For Android Auto, there are a plethora of excellent local music players. We even have a list linked to it below the first paragraph. However, we enjoy using MediaMonkey. The app itself is simple and customizable, with no extraneous nonsense to get in the way. The Android Auto experience is similarly straightforward and efficient. It’s simple to access playlists you’ve created or music from your library. Pulsar and Poweramp are also good options, but MediaMonkey has a desktop app that allows you to keep your local library all in one place.


Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

iHeartRadio is one of the best Internet radio apps, and it works well with Android Auto. There are numerous regular music stations available, as well as radio stations. You can always use your car radio to listen to regular radio stations, but iHeartRadio makes it easier to keep everything within Android Auto for those who prefer it that way. The service is completely free with advertisements, but there is an optional subscription for those who want more. We’re especially fond of iHeartRadio during the holidays because it has an excellent Christmas station. It’s still fantastic for the other 11 months of the year.

Audibe and OverDrive

Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Audibe and OverDrive are two of the most well-known and best Android Auto apps audiobook services. They both support Android Auto as well. They function in essentially the same way. You can buy audiobooks and listen to them while driving. It’s ideal for commuting or driving, and it’s a fun alternative to music for those looking for something a little less intense. Audible also offers a subscription service for those who would rather not buy individual books. If you don’t want to use Audible, OverDrive is a good alternative.

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Facebook Messenger or Telegram

Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Telegram and Facebook Messenger are two very different Android Auto apps. The first is the world’s most popular messenger service along with WhatsApp, and chances are your friends and family have it or use it on a regular basis. Telegram, on the other hand, is a privacy-focused messaging app that includes encryption and other security features. They both work with Android Auto and are arguably the best Android auto apps that do so. We recommend Facebook Messenger for those who simply want to stay in touch, and Telegram for those who require more privacy.


Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Spotify is the world’s best Android auto app, as it works flawlessly with Android Auto. It works well with voice commands and allows you to access your playlists at any time. Most people are already aware of what Spotify is capable of and why it is so valuable. Google Play Music is another excellent option that works flawlessly with voice commands and other similar features. However, because of YouTube Music, its future is uncertain. Deezer and Amazon Music are two other good music streaming services.

Podcast Addict or Doggcatcher

Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Another app from the best Android auto apps is Podcast Addict. Both Podcast Addict and Doggcatcher support Android Auto. Podcast Addict has a functional user interface and functions similarly to Pocket Casts before its redesign. Doggcatcher is a little flashier, but it works in the same way. Both podcast players offer a single-priced premium version, access to a large number of podcasts, and support for both video and audio podcasts. Podcast Addict also supports subscriptions to YouTube and Twitch, as well as audiobooks, RSS feeds, and SoundCloud, making it the more powerful option overall. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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Pulse SMS

Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Without any doubt, Pulse SMS is from the most popular Android apps. It is compatible with computers, tablets, mobile devices, and Android Auto. As a result, you can get your texts almost anywhere. The app can be customized, and you can respond to messages in Android Auto. Textra is a fan favorite, and it’s also a great SMS app that works with Android Auto. Pulse SMS, on the other hand, has more features and is available on more platforms. Pulse SMS is the place to go if you want an all-in-one great SMS experience. If you only want that, Textra is a good simple option.


Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Pandora was in cars before Android Auto, and it remains one of the best Android Auto music apps. It has a large selection of music stations and allows you to create your own using music that you enjoy. Pandora also offers a music-on-demand service for $9.99 per month, competing with Google Play Music and Spotify. It’s a fantastic all-in-one solution for Internet radio and music you enjoy. If you don’t want the on-demand content, the $4.99 monthly subscription adds some features to the radio side of things.

Waze and Google Maps

Top 10 Best Android Auto Apps Accessible Now

Waze and Google Maps are the only two best navigation apps that are compatible with Android Auto. Both are also produced by Google. Google Maps is the obvious choice because it is the default option and has a plethora of features. You can, however, use Waze if you want something a little different. Both apps respond to voice commands on Android Auto and assist you in navigating to your destination. There’s not much else to say.

Other Android Auto apps

Google has a separate Google Play Store page dedicated to best Android Auto apps. This page contains a plethora of hidden gems, such as individual radio station apps, various messaging apps such as Skype, news sites, podcast apps, and a variety of other content. All of these apps should work with Android Auto, and those looking for the gems in the rough can find them on this page. Press the button and prepare to browse through items that Google claims support Android Auto. Unfortunately, due to the large number of them, we were unable to test all of them prior to writing the article. However, the ones we tried worked, and all of the Android Auto apps on this list can also be found on the linked page.

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