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The Best Alien Game for Mobile is Coming

Feral Interactive, the studio producing some of the best Android ports, has revealed that Alien: Isolation, the best Alien game, will be released for Android and iOS on December 16th. Despite the fact that there are numerous terrible Alien games out there, Isolation stands out because to the developer Creative Assembly’s meticulous work, which took the time to recreate the sounds and look of the first Alien film to create something genuinely unique. This survival horror game has not only received numerous awards, but it is also a fitting addition in the Alien world, with a tale that investigates the events that occurred between the first two films.

The trailer above gives you a taste of what to expect from Alien: Isolation’s gameplay. This is, as you can see, a survival horror game. The goal is to get away from a space station that is home to an Alien. It won’t be easy to get away, and the Alien is always on the lookout, so concealing and meticulous route planning are essential.

It’s only natural that Feral would handle Alien: Isolation’s mobile adaptation, given that the company already ported the Nintendo Switch version (which is a fantastic port, by the way), as well as the Linux and macOS versions. Touch controls of Alien: Isolation, the best Alien game, will be adjustable in the future mobile release, and traditional controllers will be offered out of the box.

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The base package, which is likely to cost $14.99, will include all of the game’s DLC.

The Best Alien Game for Mobile is Coming

Overall, it’s nice to see Feral Interactive tackle yet another fantastic game for mobile. With the studio’s stellar track record as one of the top port houses in the industry, the impending Android version of Alien: Isolation, one of the best alien games, should be a breeze. Still, we’ll get a better sense of how the port performs once the game is released, but at least we know it’s in good hands. Of course, you may use the Play Store widget below to pre-register to receive a notification on the day the game is published.

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