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Top 10 Best Ad Blockers for Better Surfing

Even in a world when privacy is more important than ever, the best ad blockers and privacy plugins are still required for improving your online experience. A solid ad blocker may add a layer of protection to your online life, whether it’s removing pop-up advertising from your browser or ensuring that your online activity isn’t traced.

Organizations are taking notice of our yearning to browse the internet without being bothered. In this year’s iOS 14.5 release, Apple added the ability to ban specific mobile apps from tracking you, and iOS 15, which is presently in development, will offer even more privacy features. Android 12, which is still in beta, is equally concerned about privacy.

Ad blockers are one of the most effective tools for protecting your online privacy, reducing website clutter, and avoiding spyware-infected advertising. Although there are commercial ad blocking software options available, there is no reason to pay for one. The majority of the best ad blockers are available for free. This collection of the best free ad blockers contains a variety of powerful tools for Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

With plugins for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera, AdBlock Plus (ABP) is one of the most popular ad blockers. ABP has a simple setup process that includes pre-loaded filter lists that allow users to block most adverts instantly, as well as the ability to filter malware and social media links.

To keep their ad revenue in the black, savvy consumers can choose additional ban lists, configure custom filters, or whitelist their favorite sites. Filters in AdBlock Plus allow for “non-intrusive advertising,” which may irritate some users, albeit this function can be turned off in the settings.

Adblocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate, another open-source tool, is capable of blocking the majority of advertisements. It was able to block adverts on YouTube and most display ads on the sites we checked in our testing. This ad blocker is also popular and well-liked. It has a Google Chrome rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 800,000 installs. This product suffered with a few ad formats when we originally evaluated it.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin

Ublock Origin is a browser-based ad blocker that prioritizes simple, effective blocking with little resource usage. The extension comes pre-loaded with a number of filter lists for well-known advertising and malware sources, as well as the ability to read and build custom filters from hosts files.

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Stands Fair Adblocker

Stands Fair Adblocker

Stand’s Fair AdBlocker, one of the best ad blockers for chrome, lets you define what kinds of ads you want to block, including autoplay video commercials, YouTube ads, growing ads, and more. If you choose, it can even block Facebook adverts.

The “Fair” aspect of AdBlocker comes into play by allowing you to accept specific sorts of adverts or even whitelist ad-supported websites that you don’t want to go without. This is one ad blocker that doesn’t go all out to accomplish its declared goal.



Ghostery, like the other extensions on our list of the best ad blockers, can block adverts on websites so you can concentrate on the content and surf more quickly. However, Ghostery’s true worth comes in its privacy-protection features. You can detect trackers with Ghostery, which allows you to see who is looking to obtain data on you. You can also use Ghostery, one of the best free ad blockers for chrome, to prevent that tracking from happening. You can use Ghostery’s Enhanced Anti Tracking to encrypt your data if you really want to protect your privacy.



Total Adblock is the only non-free option on our list. Nevertheless, a 7-day free trial of this powerful adblocking application is available. This ad blocker blocks the most annoying advertising, such as pop-ups and auto-play adverts, from appearing on your screen.

Total Adblock, we’ve discovered, goes above and beyond your normal adblocker. According to the company’s website, it prevents advertisements on YouTube (which it does). However, we discovered that it also blocks adverts on other video streaming sites that use free-with-ad models, such as Crunchyroll and Tubi, during our testing. It even took down the Tubi pop-up that asked for the user’s age.


AdLock Best Ad Blockers

AdLock is more than just a browser extension; it also has Windows and Android apps that allow you block adverts across all of your apps. Its feature set is extensive, especially for a free adblocker, making it one of the better alternatives on our list for versatility beyond adblocking.

AdLock, one of the best free ad blockers for windows 10 and browsers, is designed to remove all types of advertisements, and with one exception, it removed all of the advertising we tested across a variety of websites. This service disabled all advertisements on the websites we tested for this research, including commercials on YouTube and other ad-supported streaming services.

Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker Best Ad Blockers

A few other tech sites have hailed this plugin as the greatest pop-up blocker on the market, which is a fair claim but not necessarily true based on our testing. Poper Blocker, one of the best ad blockers, performs admirably and is highly recommended for most ad-blocking needs. It does, nevertheless, leave numerous adverts that the best free ad blockers on our list always block.

This plugin works effectively in both Chrome and Firefox to block not only pop-ups but also webpage overlays, which are very prevalent. This tool, for example, disables the ad blocking overlay used by Orlando Sentinel as well as Tubi’s age verification overlay.


AdGuard Best Ad Blockers

Users searching for a more robust experience can subscribe to AdGuard, which offers desktop and mobile alternatives to restrict the amount of advertising they view while surfing the web. AdGuard is considered one of the most popular ad blockers.

AdGuard for Windows and Mac protects major browsers with fully configurable ad, content, and tracker blocking capabilities, as well as a parental controls module for limiting access to adult content. AdGuard for Android is a no-root ad-blocker that prevents ads in apps and games; however, you’ll have to download it from AdGuard’s website rather than Google Play. AdGuard for iOS works in conjunction with Safari to filter advertising in the default browser.

Trustnav Adblocker

Trustnav Adblocker Best Ad Blockers

Trustnav, one of the top rated ad blockers, is an antivirus startup based in Andorra that offers a Google Chrome plugin that combines an adblocker with an antivirus. The premium antivirus service, which costs $1.99 per month, is temporarily unavailable. For the time being, the single adblocker plugin is available for free.

Apart from the adblocker, Trustnav also has a Chrome plugin called “Safesearch.” Make sure you get the adblocker version from the Chrome Store. Trustnav, one of the best ad blockers for chrome, is a compact adblocker with a simple user interface. Most of the time, it’s easy and effective.

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