If you have just ever experienced a Batman movie or played Just Cause game, you’ve possibly imagined it would be too much pleasure to “wow, using a grappling hook.” YouTuber Built IRL, whose name is JT, figured so too, and for the previous year he’s been concentrating on making that possible. The final outcome is a grappling hook gun (Batman grappling gun) that operates very closely to those that we have encountered in movies and games.

JT grappling hook gun
Built IRL

This latest grappling gun is more remarkable than many past efforts, as you’ll notice in the footage below. The whole device fits on his arm, comprising the CO2-powered blasting system that fires the hook using regular cartridges, and a very powerful 10,000W motor that is reasonably fast and can pull him up into the air fully. For one aspect, it is independent. He demonstrates some earlier time efforts at creating such a Batman gun, and it undoubtedly appears that his hook will win the race for the grappling gun.

JT’s device can even carry him back down to ground, with exception of some other DIY grappling hooks. Through a wheel near his thumb of this Batman grappling gun, he can regulate his position and acceleration.

You can also observe some of a grapple gun’s real-world shortcomings, those that Batman has never had to contend with because he’s a piece of fantasy. The system can be difficult to manage, partially because JT attempts to use his thumb with one hand while carrying all his weight as well. For the most portion, he does it connected to a belt, so rather than being pulled by a single arm, the effect of being yanked up into the air can be distributed around his entire body.

Batman grappling gun

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Given the pitfalls, for something so tiny, the system still functions surprisingly great, and it’s amazing to see a project like this come together. He’s also focusing on a web shooter version of Spider-Man, and his performance with the Batman grappling gun makes me believe he may really have a chance.

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