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Arrival of Netflix Lands Avatar’s ‘The Legend Of Korra’

Legend Of Korra: Ok, I knew 100 percent that it was coming this day. Following Avatar’s genuinely huge and profoundly inspiring success: The Last Airbender, a 15-year-old cartoon, on Netflix, I knew they would do whatever they could to secure the rights to the sequel series, The Legend of Korra, as another hit for the service.

Arrival of Netflix Lands Avatar’s ‘The Legend Of Korra’
The Legend of Korra NICKELODEON

And so they did. And they cut corners and made sacrifices to make this possible, but eventually they would help both parties.

There’s reports that Netflix brokered an deal that it ends up sharing rights with CBS All Access for The Legend of Korra, the channel the series is currently streaming on. CBS All Access will hold it, but as of August 14, Netflix will be able to air Korra in the US. All four seasons have a total of 52 episodes.

Legend Of Korra: It’s a win for CBS, because they’re losing nothing and just winning from the contract. It’s a win for Netflix, because the reaction is probably “who cares about it being on CBS All Access as well? “And of the new streaming industry scenario, a lot of shows sound like they don’t really exist unless they’re on Netflix. Note the enormous surge in interest in Hannibal as it makes its way to Netflix, though it has been available on Amazon Prime Video for years. Korra being on Netflix would potentially have 20x the viewership on CBS All Access that she will ever get.

It’s hard to understate just how big a hit Avatar has been for Netflix: The Last Airbender. The series, again, 15 years old, has been floating in the top 10 list of television shows or all the programs on the service for months now, a sign of it being A) incredibly fine, B) 60 + episodes to get through rather than new 10 episode season and C) it is a great family series that can be enjoyed by all ages, particularly in these difficult pandemic lockdown times.

Korra is another impressive series, and if it fails at all it is just because comparisons are easier with The Last Airbender. But it’s sort of unfair given that The Last Airbender will really be one of the best shows ever produced and it’s kind of a high bar. But Korra is also an excellent movie, and even though the overall story doesn’t quite reach Avatar’s heights, Korra may be my favorite character from the franchise itself.

Arrival of Netflix Lands Avatar’s ‘The Legend Of Korra’
The Legend of Korra NICKELODEON

Nonetheless, I’m completely positive Korra’s going to be a big success on Netflix too, so once people finish the original series, why not search for 50 sequel show episodes?

Keep your sky bison if all this has you excited for Netflix to possibly make more seasons of these shows greenlight, or do a new, third installment. Netflix has already noticed the talent behind the show and they offered them their own new series, The Dragon Prince. They are still working on a live action version of The Last Airbender with the producers that will hopefully wash the M’s stain. Night Shyamalan Franchise movie. Yet I can definitely not rule out a return to the Avatar universe in an animated form someday, anything is possible. It’s just that, right now, these other ventures actually have priority.

So yeah look in August for Korra. Much as I did with The Last Airbender, I’ll be doing a rewatch.

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