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Are Bethesda and Xbox about to Reveal Wolfenstein 3?

Wolfenstein 3 is in development, according to Bethesda, Xbox, and MachineGames, although the game has yet to be revealed or even formally announced. However, it appears that this may be changing. The Xbox x Bethesda E3 event takes place this Sunday, and MachineGames appears to be attending. And if it does appear, it will only appear with one of two games: the new and untitled Indiana Jones game or Wolfenstein 3.

Are Bethesda and Xbox about to Reveal Wolfenstein 3

The official MachineGames profile on LinkedIn, of all places, featured someone talking about the aforementioned showcase with the accompanying caption:

“We are so excited for Sunday’s showcase. Hope you are all ready for it.”

Is this a guarantee that it will be present for the reveal? No, but it does imply as much, and that is how everyone has interpreted the bizarre post.

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MachineGames hasn’t produced anything since the underwhelming Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and the awful Wolfenstein: Youngblood in 2019, the latter of which did a lot of damage to the series. These were also spin-offs that enlisted the help of other studios, thus the Swedish developer hasn’t created anything substantial since Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in 2017. This is also the last time it has released anything worthwhile.

It’ll be interesting to see if MachineGames and Wolfenstein can recover from Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which was one of the worst AAA games of the previous generation, as well as one of the most divisive. However, the series’ first two instalments are among the best first-person shooters of the previous generation, indicating that the studio has the credentials to right the ship.

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