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Here’s why MagSafe-style Anker charger has a gigantic USB-C plug

The MagSafe charging system from Apple provides a whole different form of charging iPhones, and third-party manufacturers such as Anker are jumping at the opportunity to produce their own magnetic chargers – both official ones that operate with the system from Apple and unofficial ones that just reap the benefits of the magnetic system. The $22 Anker charger falls into the second group: it is not an official MagSafe charger, implying it does not sell as “official” MagSafe goods the quicker 15W charging speed or the fancy NFC tricks.

Anker charger

But Anker charger does appear a bit like Apple’s, at least at first glimpse, even with the 7.5W charging limit. Look more closely at the other end of the plug, however, and there’s an obvious difference: an unusually bulky USB-C plug is available for the Anker wireless charger.

It’s because the Anker charger is just a standard Qi charger in a different form, basically, one that transfers the wiring and chips to the plug to slim down on the real charging pad. As per the firm, the design also helps minimize temperature. It may look weird, but if you consider less of it as a charging cable and more of it as a highly advanced Qi charger, it’s definitely pretty amazing to see what Anker pulled off here.

Anker wireless charger

The latest Anker wireless charger is also just Anker’s first attempt as well. The firm states stock will be small, but it is already working on updated versions of magnetic chargers that should be out in maybe a month.

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The Anker charger, on the one side, is a clear example of Apple’s MagSafe system restrictions. Third-party businesses that are unable to produce official goods, including Anker’s gigantic plug, have to find innovative workarounds. Anker’s charger, on the other side, is a device of the first generation, so these replacements will possibly get better over time. And the slower charging speed may be a reasonable trade for the lower price, at $22-about half of what Apple charges for an official MagSafe charger, particularly as the layouts continue to get more and more sophisticated.

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