Here are Android 12 Features, Samsung Already had

Android 12 is the most significant update to Google’s mobile operating system in recent memory, with a slew of new features as well as the lovely Material You redesign. While many of these features are new to Pixel users, they may be familiar to those who use phones from other manufacturers. For better or worse, Samsung has always crammed its phones with features, and several of them have finally made their way into Android 12 features for the rest of us to enjoy. Here’s a rundown of what Pixel users are only now getting that Galaxy owners have had for quite some time as part of One UI.

One handed mode

Here are Android 12 Features, Samsung Already had

Samsung was the company that pioneered the massive phone trend, so it’s not surprising that it pioneered one-handed mode in the Galaxy Note3 in 2013. This feature has become increasingly important as phones have grown in size. But the discussion on Samsung vs Android 12 features clarifies that unfortunately, one-handed mode in Android 12 isn’t as good as the one in One UI. When you swipe down on a Samsung phone’s navbar, the entire screen’s content is pulled into one of the phone’s bottom corners. Google has opted for reachability similar to the iPhone in Android 12, with the gesture pulling down the top half of the screen.

Samsung’s version is superior for one important reason: phones have become wider. Many people find it difficult to reach the entire keyboard with one hand, rather than just the top half of the phone. Everything is within easy reach thanks to Samsung’s one-handed mode. If you disagree and prefer what Google has done, Samsung still has you covered with the Good Lock module One Hand Operation+, which allows you to switch to this style of one-handed mode.

Dynamic themes

Here are Android 12 Features, Samsung Already had

Discussing Samsung vs Android 12 features, material which allows you to pull colors from your wallpaper and theme the OS and compatible apps to match, is one of the standout features of Android 12. You could create custom themes based on your wallpaper as far back as 2019 with Samsung’s Good Lock module Theme Park. You may prefer Google’s dynamic theming over Theme Park, which isn’t as consistent as Monet, has a much more manual setup process, and only affects Samsung’s own apps. Meanwhile, third-party apps are beginning to support Android 12’s dynamic theming, indicating that it will only grow in popularity. Fortunately, Google’s implementation has been adopted by Samsung in One UI 4, indicating that the South Korean company is as enamored with Material You as we are.

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Scrolling screenshots

Here are Android 12 Features, Samsung Already had

One of the important android 12 new features is the scrolling screen shots feature. Android 12 has included scrolling screenshots, which nearly every other OEM has had for years. Despite the fact that it is an old feature for many, It is believed that Google has done it better than anyone else, at least in some ways. You take a screenshot on S21 and then press the down arrow on the toolbar that appears. The phone then scrolls down for you, extending the image slightly, but for larger screens, this will require repeated taps on the button to produce a full screenshot. On Pixel 4 running Android 12, it captures the content above and below what’s on my screen and allows to instantly select how much I want in the image. This method is more convenient than Samsung’s, and it saves you the time you’d spend later cropping the screenshot. Google’s scrolling screenshot feature, on the other hand, isn’t available everywhere.

Hiding the power menu

Here are Android 12 Features, Samsung Already had

An interesting Android 12 Samsung feature is its power menu hiding. People were displeased when Samsung combined Bixby with the power button on the Galaxy S20 series. Holding the power button to turn off or restart your phone has been the norm since the beginning of time, and messing with users’ muscle memory like that was never going to be popular, no matter which digital assistant you were summoning. Google has decided to follow uniform Android 12 features, adding the ability to summon Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button. If you upgraded to Android 12 on an older Pixel, you may not have encountered this issue. However, if you have a Pixel 6 or have factory reset your Pixel while running Android 12, this will be enabled by default.

With this enabled, the only way to turn off or reboot your phone is to go to the quick settings and look for the on-screen power button. Fortunately, both Samsung and Google allow you to turn this off and return to the previous state. Unfortunately, turning it off will not restore the smart home device controls to the Pixel’s power button menu. At least not unless you install Tasker and use Alexa.

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On-device search

Here are Android 12 Features, Samsung Already had

Samsung phones have some form of on-device search, with even 2014 Galaxy S4 having a rudimentary version. S Finder, now known as Finder, allows you to search your apps, settings, contacts, and more directly from the app drawer. Google has added the same functionality to Android 12, and it works similarly, with one exception: you can toggle some settings, such as Wi-Fi, on and off without leaving search.

While Google is frequently late to the party when it comes to features like these, it usually implements them at least as well as previous versions from Samsung and others. Even if you don’t own a Pixel, Google baking these capabilities into Android will improve your experience because third-party app developers will usually jump on board to begin supporting them.

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