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Learn How to Get the Android 12 Easter Egg

Android 12 Easter Egg: The latest Android 12 beta – this is the fourth beta build, if you’re keeping track – finally features the operating system upgrade’s Easter Egg, which was formerly identified in the code but is now ready to test. Android 11 has a lovely cat-collection game, while Android 10 had a nonogram numbers puzzle, and each numbered version of Android has its own secret game or function that’s frequently discovered right after debut.

This time, don’t expect anything too exciting: the Android 12 Easter Egg simply displays some icons on your home screen. They’re linked to the Material You feature, which allows you to customize your home screen, typeface, icons, and colour scheme. The bubbles blend in with your backdrop colour, which is aesthetically pleasant, albeit they don’t stay there. Although it isn’t the most intriguing Android Easter Egg we’ve ever seen, we’ll walk you through the steps to uncover it so you can see for yourself.

How to Get the Android 12 Easter Egg

Learn How to Get the Android 12 Easter Egg

♦ The breadcrumb trail begins by going into your Settings app, which can be found on your home screen or in the app drawer, and scrolling to the bottom of the first list in the app, like with all Android Easter Eggs.

♦ Now, click About phone to see a list of information about your phone. You’ll want to look for the Android version, which you should choose. You’ll also notice an option for ‘Android version’ on the following menu, which should say 12 if you’re on the proper update tier. Press the number 12 a couple times more.

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♦ After a few taps, the next stage will occur: you’ll be returned to your home screen, but instead of apps or a top bar, you’ll just see a large clock.

♦ You can alter the time on the clock by dragging the minute hand; pulling the minute hand all the way around the clock will change the hour hand, just like on a real clock. Continue spinning until both hands are on 12 with their fingers pointing upwards (like in the Android version), then lift your finger off the screen.

♦ With all the colourful bubbles surrounding it, the clock should now explode and change into the Android 12 logo. You’ve successfully discovered the Android 12 Easter Egg.

♦ We genuinely had some trouble getting rid of the bubbles – it turns out you’re not on your device’s home screen, so don’t attempt to erase them by pressing, swiping, or waiting for them to go away. To return to the actual home screen, tap the circular home button at the bottom of the screen, or swipe up if you’re using gesture navigation.

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