All You Need to Know about International Dance Day

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to step out on April 29th, which is International Dance Day. Dancing is a universal activity that is woven into almost every society on the planet. Humans are naturally drawn to dance. It brings people together, whether we are on the dance floor or watching others perform professionally. Dancing is thrilling and awe-inspiring. Let’s all come together today to honor the world of dance!

All You Need to Know about International Dance Day

International Dance Day

When is the International Dance Day in 2022?

On April 29, International Dance Day honors the art of grooving and swaying our bodies through lindy hop, jitterbug, freestyle, tango, ballet, and more.

Who started International Dance Day?

In 1982 the Dance Committee of ITI founded International Dance Day to be celebrated every year on the 29th April, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), creator of modern ballet.

History of Dance Day

In 1982, the International Theatre Institute’s Dance Committee declared April 29 as International Dance Day to honor the incredible diversity and talent of dancers all over the world. Because it is the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the founder of modern ballet, this date was chosen. This holiday was created by the International Theatre Institute to promote dance around the world, to raise public awareness about the importance of dance, and to allow the dance community to promote their work on a large scale. Governments and opinion leaders, it is hoped, will become more aware of the value and importance of dance in all of its forms and will support it. Above all, International Dance Day was established so that we could simply enjoy dance for what it is and share our joy with others.

The ITI chooses an outstanding choreographer or dancer to write the official holiday message each year. The location of their annual gala, as well as other advertised events around the world, is listed on their website. Dance has been documented for over 9,000 years and has evolved into a global phenomenon. This holiday encourages people to learn new dance styles while also celebrating their favourite. There are dance styles for people of all ages and rhythm abilities, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t participate.

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Traditions for International Dance Day

On International Dance Day, the only tradition that is strictly adhered to is dancing, dancing, and more dancing! It’s probably the only day you’ll be able to break into a spontaneous dance in the middle of the street without being chastised. The entire mood of the day is one of letting go and dancing to your favorite tunes. Dance parties and competitions are, of course, very popular nowadays, allowing anyone to feel like they’re in a “Step Up” film. Serious dancers take over the dance floor, with some even demonstrating unique dance sequences that are no longer fashionable or from different cultures. People eagerly take advantage of great membership offers offered by dance studios. What are the chances? You have a chance to be the next Patrick Swayze!

How to celebrate International Dance Day?

  • Have you tried Tango before? What about a Zambian dance performance? How about a little Lindy Hop? Don’t worry if you’re not a natural dancer; beginner classes are very forgiving. Today is the day to broaden your horizons, regardless of your skill level! Try a new dance style that you haven’t tried before.
  • Attend a performance. Beautiful costumes, vibrant colors, and spectacular sets are common features of dance performances. Since its debut in 1997, Lion King, the highest-grossing Broadway show, has been seen by over 100 million people. Even if you can’t make it to a performance today, the International Theatre Institute’s website has videos of dance styles from all over the world.
  • Young dancers should be encouraged. Dance lessons can begin as early as the age of three. Those who enjoy it and stick with it gain a variety of advantages, including increased physical fitness, increased self-confidence, improved ability to listen and understand instructions, and a stronger determination to persevere. Encourage your kids to try their hand at dancing!

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Types of dance around the world


Ballet is often referred to as the “backbone” of dance because it focuses on techniques that take a long time to master.


Hip-hop was born in the 1970s and became popular in the 1980s with styles such as breaking, popping, and locking.


Salsa dancing’s signature hip moves are created by the dancer stepping while keeping their upper body still and level.


This ancient South Indian dance, which dates back to 1000 BC and originated in Hindu temples, is usually a solo dance performed by women to express religious and spiritual ideas.

Dragon Dance

A popular Chinese dance in which dancers hold a long, flexible dragon figure with poles; the longer the dragon, the more luck it is thought to bring to the community.

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Why do we enjoy International Dance Day?

Booster of self-assurance: Did you know that dancing boosts your self-esteem? Children aged 11 to 14 who participated in creative movement classes reported improved motivation and attitudes, according to a 2007 study. So, get your groove on and boost your confidence.

Booster of the mind: Simply dancing for five minutes can boost your creativity. In one study, dancers improved their mood as well as their creative problem-solving abilities.

It’s a good workout: Dancing can help you lose weight. Plus, your workout will never become monotonous. There are a plethora of options once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

International Dance Day Dates

Year DateDay
2022April 29Friday
2022April 29Saturday
2022April 29Monday
2022April 29Tuesday
2022April 29Wednesday

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