An image of Adele sporting a traditional African hairstyle while marking Notting Hill Carnival’s day has divided views on social media. The 32-year-old chart-topping singer shared a image of her wearing a Jamaican flag string bikini to mark the annual festival due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has gone online this year.


Adele was also wearing her hair in Bantu knots-tight coiled buns usually associated with African descent people.

Born in Tottenham, the singer captioned the post: “Happy what my beloved London will be Notting Hill Carnival.”

More than three million people liked the post, with 66,000 comments posted.

Yet for her fashion style, Adele was soon accused of “racial appropriation.”

A Twitter user said: “If 2020 couldn’t get weird anymore, Adele would give us the Bantu knots and cultural exploitation that no one asked for. This marks all top white women in pop officially as issue. Hate seeing it.

Another said: “If you haven’t completely grasped cultural appropriation, look at the last Instagram post from @Adele. No parole for that should go to prison.”

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Writing in the Instagram post comments section, a user said: “Bantu knots are NOT to be worn by white people in any context, in any era.”

But several social media users have come to the defense of Adele, claiming that, as she wished, she was free to wear her hair.

A message from a fan, liked by nearly 1,000 users of Instagram, said: “To the people who want to learn sth: Notting Hill Carnival began in the 60’s for CELEBRATE Caribbean culture.

“Everyone is wearing this outfit to celebrate so it’s NOT a cultural appropriation, it’s a regular celebration, crazy that people speak too much about it.”

One Twitter user added: “It’s so weird to see lots of non-Jamaicans trying to cancel Adele reading tweets about Adele, while I see lots of Jamaicans actually praising her 4 showing love of their culture.

“Maybe we should let people determine 4 themselves whether anything is okay or not?”

Prominent friends of the singer have seemed to support the look.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, whose mother was born in Jamaica, posted on the Jamaican flag with two love-heart emojis and two videos.

Jamaican musician Popcaan also seemed a fan, sharing a fist emoji and a heart of love.

And the actress Tessa Thompson, who is appearing in Westworld’s sci-fi TV series, commented with an emoji flame.

The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual black culture-festival.

Adele, who gained attention for her weight loss, posted on Instagram earlier this month that reading Glennon Doyle ‘s third memoir made her feel like she “flew for the very first time into her body.”

The singer shared a suggestion for Untamed: Stop Pleasing, Start Living with her more than 38 million followers, saying before reading the book that she “thought we were supposed to be depressed and dishevelled, confused and selfless like a Disney character!”


Adele, who split from last year’s husband Simon Konecki, also recently posted a snap celebrating Beyonce’s “Queen,” following the release of the Black Is King visual album.

With her curly hair down, Adele was pictured lifting her hand in tribute to Beyonce.

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