One in 11 patients with Covid-19 develop blotchy, itchy skin, a study found

Scientists have called for the introduction of skin rashes to the official list of NHS coronavirus symptoms. In fact, a new study indicates skin rashes may be a tell-tale sign somebody has contracted Covid-19. King’s College London researchers looked at data obtained from 20,000 Brits who had tested positive for Covid-19, or were highly suspected of having the virus. They found 9 percent of those suffering from coronavirus had skin rashes, while 8 percent of those with other symptoms also had skin ailments.

Scientists are now advocating for skin rashes to be formally recognised by the NHS as a virus symptom to avoid the outbreak of greater numbers of radar incidents. Visit our online blog for the latest updates: Coronavirus Online News The NHS officially reports only three symptoms of infection — fever, persistent cough, and odor or taste loss.

If anyone encounters any of these, they are recommended to isolate themselves and be screened to prevent the virus from moving on. But this advice may mean that those suffering from less common symptoms that postpone access to testing, leading to unintended spread of the virus to others.

For the study , researchers at King’s College London used data from 336,837 users of their Covid Symptom Analysis app, in which people reported their symptoms. Of the 27,157 users of the app that got swab tests, 2,021 (7.4 percent) tested coronavirus positive. Of that category, 178 respondents registered skin rashes (8.8 percent).

Scientists at King’s College London found that 8% of people with Covid-19 had experienced a skin rash (Picture: Shutterstock / TY Lim)

The study also looked at 17,371 people suspected of having coronavirus but not having been tested, and found that 8.2 percent of people showed a skin rash. Dr. Mario Falchi, who led the study, said that for weeks Covid-19 patients reported suffering from rashes — much longer than the more normal symptoms.

Some viral infections, including measles and shingles, can also cause the skin to break out in rashes or blotches. Writing in the study, which has not yet been published in a journal or peer-reviewed by other scientists, Dr. Falchi noted that a Covid-19-related rash may occur in various ways and at different stages of the disease – but being aware of skin changes could be useful in earlier identification of coronavirus.

Skin rashes are not currently included in the NHS symptom list for coronavirus (Picture: Getty Images)

Dr Falchi writes: ‘An increased awareness of changes in the skin of Covid-19 from the public and healthcare professionals will enable new and earlier clusters of the disease to be more effectively identified.’

By adding three new symptoms, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention revised its Covid-19 symptom list in May, bringing the total number to 11. Skin rashes are already included in the list of symptoms and a footnote on the site says that the CDC will keep updating this list as we learn more about Covid-19.

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