It has been anything nothing but but butterflies and rainbows while talking about Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans since the end of the 2020 regular season. As a cohesive entity, there have been many “sources” and “reports” on the two sides, and to be very frank, the subject as a whole is, to say the least, nerve-racking. As Chris Mortensen had some tweets about the Deshaun Watson situation with the Texans from people he knows who are close to the situation, Sunday was a big day full of sources. Now Peter King offers his view on Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans in his weekly column “Football Morning in America,” and it is truly not the bad advice he writes in his column.

According To Peter King, Deshaun Watson & Texans Should ‘RELAX’

For several years, King has covered the NFL, and has seen a thing or two when it comes to players being potentially upset with their current team, and the case of Watson and Texans is most definitely not something King has not covered before.

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Now, as for what King wrote in his column on Monday, his focus was simply: “Deshaun Watson.” King started his discussion with the following words about Watson and the Texans:

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if that trade was Watson to Miami for Tua Tagovailoa and a passel of Dolphins picks? But before we go too far, I want to quote that famous American philosopher Aaron Rodgers: R-E-L-A-X.

King then went on to write this and this advice for the Texans:

“And when no one’s looking and Caserio can confidently meet Watson in absolutely privacy with his new coach, then try to surgically repair the relationship. Till then, no sense for the Texans to try to pick at this fresh wound.”

He said things just need to “simmer down” between Watson, the Texans and everyone involved before that quote because new general manager Nick Caserio has not been on the job a week yet, and has not met the Texans’ franchise quarterback either. Plus, the Texans have no head coach yet.

According To Peter King, Deshaun Watson & Texans Should ‘RELAX’

It is worth taking note of the advice from King in his FMIA column, and it is worth listening to for the Texans because if Deshaun Watson is upset with the team, he needs a break with the front office from those concerned. Only let Watson enjoy himself, because he’s currently on holiday, then return to business later this month.

With 4,823 passing yards to lead the entire NFL, along with a 70.2 percent completion rate that was also the highest of his career, Watson is coming off his best season stat wise. With 33 passing touchdowns in a season, Deshaun Watson also set a new Texans record, plus he threw a career-low seven interceptions while playing in all 16 games this season. Watson attempted 544 passes, which was also a career-most for a season in attempts.

In his Football Morning in America column, Peter King makes some excellent and agreeable points, so the hope is that Nick Caserio and Deshaun Watson will eventually sit down one-on-one and hammer out stuff.

Not only does the on-field product take a big step back if Deshaun Watson leaves Houston, but how would the fan base take the news of losing one of the very best players for a second consecutive offseason on the roster at the moment?

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